Oh I've done my fair share of shopping in Paris. But shopping with an unlimited amount of spending money would be nice. (Maybe that's more of a wish than something that I could actually do)

WHAAAAT?!? Just DID this! Bah! :D

Go to Disney World with my best friend- I'm going to DisneyLAND with my best friends, so that's kind of the same thing.


Owl how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Owl:"Lets figure it out," CRUNCH!

yes please

have a luxurious bathroom in my future house.must have a jacuzzi bathtub, a double headed walk-in shower, and his/her sinks with a huge walk-in closet attached. Everyone dreams, right?


I've been through the walk-through aquarium in Atlanta and Shanghai. I'd like to see some other walk-through aquariums.

grandparents at wedding.

bucket list: have my grandparents at my grandma was there and the others were there in heaven.


bucket list: shove cake in my partner's face at our wedding but you have to do it after he gives you cake so that he doesn't do that back to you! Really wouldn't care if he did only wouldn't want my dress to get wreaked :)

roadtrips all summer long. filled the car with friends. hands out the window.heads out the window. feet out the window.