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60 Amazing Apps for STEAM #weareteachers I should look into these

WeAreTeachers: 60 Apps to Teach STEAM in the Classroom

She has a great manipulative for teaching complementary, supplementary, and vertical angles! I would use a separate circle for vertical angles, that way they could see every time they fold it, the angles opposite are equal!

Middle School OCD: Circles, Supplementary, & Complementary Angles

This product has students examine the relationship between the independent variable (x) and dependent variable (y). Students will explore the constant of proportionality (k). The two page worksheet has students calculate the constant of proportionality, write an equation and determine the missing values in the table.

This product includes two activities in which students determine the unit rate, independent and dependent variables in order to create a table, graph and equation. Additional questions address the constant of proportionality (in a table, graph, equation and verbal description), equivalent ratios and proportional relationships.

Math = Love: Foldable Love (WAY into our future- but the math teacher in me couldn't resist the pin)

Math = Love: Foldable Love

Love these FREE problems of the month for math that can be used with any grade level! Also a free link to the answer sheets are on my blog post about math workshop centers!

Math in the Middle: Algebra Math Centers

Request to Retest, put the ownership back of the students. Love this!

Math = Love: Free Downloads

printable factoring trinomials and exponents puzzles--tarsia

My 7-year-old daughter keeps beating me at Spot it!

teacher meme

That Would Be Great Meme - Imgflip

Cool visual explanation of the Pythagorean Theorem

School of Fail - science - science

Mrs. Atwood's Math Class: Angle Pair Relationships Pages Angle Pairs

Mrs. Atwood's Math Class: Angle Pair Relationships Pages

Up front expectations.

Notice to all Students Classroom Rules Poster - 13x19

PD days! haha

Timeline Photos - Teachers With a Sense of Humor | Facebook

Middle School OCD: angles

Middle School OCD: Circles, Supplementary, & Complementary Angles

I have, who has game that includes adding and subtracting integers....

I Have, Who Has (with Integers) game

Questions a Critical Thinker Asks

Twitter / cubeforteachers: Questions a Critical Thinker ...

This Expressions and Equations bundle includes seven products in which I also sell as individual products. The combined value is $12. All of these products were designed based on the Common Core 7th Grade Expressions and Equations Standards. A description for each product is listed below.

This product includes three activities and an exit slip. For the first activity, the focus is on students writing and solving inequalities. Students are also asked to describe their solutions for each problem. This activity works well with partners.

Fun activity! Students cut out task cards. They solve the problem, then find the task card with the solution (which has the next problem).

Four pages of interactive notes + a double sided worksheet. Includes finding a missing diameter or radius when given the circumference or area.

$2. Using equations to solve for missing angle measure. Common Core Standard 7.G.B.5. 6 worksheets with answer keys. CM052814

Integers with dice and spinner

Integer Practice with Dice and Spinners

A mathematician is someone who - elementary classroom poster!

STEM Mathematician Poster for Elementary [someone who]

Wow i can see myself having this in my choir room especially since younger kids are afraid to sing out :)

Every classroom needs one of these!

World Cup Betting Tips | October 2012