Burger Bar, for my main man

A MINI BURGER BAR! This is a FABULOUS idea! So great for a kids b-day party! I might have to try this for April's next party and with the Float Bar again hmmm. Can't go wrong with mini burgers at a 3 year holds party.

Crackers, fruit, and cheese while guests wait for  photos/bride and groom to arrive

17 Cheese and Crackers Ideas You're Going to Love ...

Wedding food idea - like how the crackers and cheese are arranged. Maybe have spinach dip there too.

Nini Arts: Inspirations Pinterest. Serving appetizers idea.

This would be so cute for a wedding! Serve @ cocktail hour DIY wedding planner with di wedding ideas and tips including DIY wedding tutorials and how to instructions. Everything a DIY bride needs to have a fabulous wedding on a budget!