The proper way to set a table…

The proper way to set a table…

Proper Ways to Set a Table. The student understands the history of food service and the use of the professional kitchen and is expected to demonstrate types of table setting, dining, and service skills.

proper glasses for the proper wine<3

Drinking wine from a proper glass makes a big impact on ones wine experience. At your next wine & cheese event try tasting a wine in its proper glass vs a standard wine glass!

Pair these wines and cheeses together

35 Clever Food Hacks That Will Change Your Life

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etiquette so good to know.

This is an awful lot of 'stuff' for one table setting. What size table would one need to accommodate a dinner party for six? Anyway, I might be able to use this information.

Infographic: How to Properly Set Your Table | #infografía

How to Properly Set Your Table (infographic

Don't know your salad fork from a dessert spoon? Time for a little Table Setting 101 to refresh your memory before the holiday season! This helpful infographic will teach you how to properly set yo.

Formal Place Setting

Correct Table Settings for North America ~ from "with enough coffee": The US & Canada (and some South American resorts) use this place setting as opposed to the Eurpoean standard that puts the Fish course before and the Salad after the Meat course.