A quick trick to test the doneness of your beef. The fleshy part of your palm mimics the tenderness of your beef. For example, if you like your steak rare, your beef should be as soft as your palm while it's wide open and relaxed.

Oreo and Peanut Butter Brownie Cakes - Picky Palate

Oreo and Peanut Butter Brownie Cakes

Oreo, PB Brownie Cakes are 1 box brownie mix, 24 oreos, cup PB.Take 2 oreo cookies, 1 tsp PB in between and 2 T of prepared brownie mix over cookies. Bake for min in 350 oven in muffin tin

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Pork Cuts: The different cuts of ribs and pork

Pork: Retail Cuts and How To Cook Them- What are the differences between spare ribs, baby backs, country ribs, and St. Learn all the names and characteristics of the different rib cuts and how to cook them.


Meat temperature guide: When are steaks, chops, chicken, and other foods done?


This is so my next project…Master Meat Smoker! Cheat sheet on meat smoking times and temperatures from Bradley Smoker! Maybe one day I will attempt this on someones smoker.

Termino de coccion de la carne

Make the perfect steak! I wish Restaurants will get this right. I love my steak Medium Rare. I normally receive it medium well according to this picture.

Grill master

Properly Cook Meats and veggies according to the US standards. Healthy Grill USA uses some different and productive methods without producing carcinogens. Besides that, depending of the way people like the food we can decrease or increase grilling time.

Know Your Cuts - Shopping for meat can be overwhelming at times.

Beef Made Easy: Infographic Cheat Sheet For Retail Beef Cuts and Recommended Cooking Methods