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Angell Dillon
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Angell Dillon
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Not really. Take Draco Malfoy for example, if he messes up, his family name would be “put to shame.” Like marrying a muggle-born is “shameful” to their family but I think we all know that Draco never really believed in that thing ‘cause he had a crush on Hermione. << are you aware that we are talking about real life situations? and not fucking fiction thanks? Like wtf who cares about fucking Draco Malloy when actual girls are treated this way? Fuck you too sweetheart

yeah, I messed up. But, I have to realize that my WORTH IS NOT IN GUYS. My worth is in Jesus Christ. You are loved, chosen, and forgiven. And gentlemen.

A professor at University taught me this. It might be annoying AF, but it's a great process.

She is right. There are parts of my story that I have rewritten, rearranged, or omitted entirely! ****** Definitely I've done this with essays

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I've probably pinned this before but I love it

Messy, scribbly, often unreadable, several things scratched out, and somehow backwards letters.>>> I love this and now I will never let myself or my family lose the skill of writing.