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"C" Wall, Banvard Gallery, Knowlton School of Architecture

Love the shadows created & the play of light on the wall itself! C_Wall - Banvard Gallery, Knowlton School of Architecture, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

Leiden, South Holland, the agencyarchitecture Rotterdam 24H Architecture has created these two townhouses with stunning wood-clad facades, uniquely contemporary Art Nouveau style. The natural influence continues inside where organic and floral motifs adorn the walls and the stairwell.

The stunning wood clad facade of this building in South Holland was created by Rotterdam Architecture. The contemporary art nouveau style features organic and floral motifs incorporated into the walls and stairwell.

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The laminating, bending, and joining process have come to a epiphany in a project by Shigeru Ban on the Haesley Nine Bridge Club House in South Korea. The project uses complex double bent laminated beams.

shigeru ban - metz, frannce #structure #wood #architecture

Centre Pompidou-Metz - France, 2010 by Shigeru Ban. Laminate Wood panels yet created with smooth rhythmic structure.

Metropol Parasol est une structure de bois de 150 sur 75 m, d'une hauteur de 28 m1, soutenue par six piliers, située à Séville (Andalousie, Espagne) de l'architecte berlinois Jürgen Mayer-Hermann.

Metropol Parasol Seville, Spain, the undulating parasols of interlocking wooden panels are the world’s largest wooden structure

Up-Chair by Tonon

I liked the interesting combination of materials in this chair. Beautiful shape to the wooden arm sections. Trestle-based Freeform advanced easy chair UP CHAIR