Hahaha, this makes me laugh

Brown E's - brownies ( April Fools with the brown cut out E'sjoke).Do you see what they did here with the brown cut out E's. Then they cover with foil. When family and friends open the brown E's they laugh and laugh.

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Funny quote: Some people just need a high-five. In the face. With a chair.

I need to put this next to the stove for you...though you wouldn't find the humor in it.

Break the glass…

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and just like museum rules, don't touch anything

My room is not dirty. I just have everything on display. Like a museum. (I live with some people who are imitating a museum. I'm not naming any names in order to protect the guilty.

love my 2 girls

My mother sent me this and it touched my heart! "A daughter is someone you laugh with, dream with and love with all your heart." ~ lovely quote for a Mother-Daughter page.

Yes true :-)

It was clean at first…

A funny picture about how my room was once clean. but then I had to decide what to wear. I'm sure the girls will relate.

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Ok so hairless cats aren't typically cute. But this cat- adorable! I would get a hairless cat based off of this!

That moment when someone knocks at the door when you are home alone

When my cats are home alone, if someone drives up and opens their car door, they get inside. They also leap into moving strollers (with babies inside). Who knows what theyd do if someone came to the door (sigh)

use puzzle pieces on art journal

use puzzle pieces on art journal - this has so many possibilities.I like the puzzle pieces, need a different theme. you can even buy blank puzzles at bookland here.