Camps & Programs of The Aloha Foundation

Camps & Programs of The Aloha Foundation

Fairlee, Vermont / What do all the Vermont camps of The Aloha Foundation have in common? Spirit, tradition, and a philosophy of living and learning that inspires and sustains our
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Aloha Hive in Fairlee, VT

Our favorite organic farm...."Your Farm" run by Benner Dana and Danielle Allen in Fairlee, VT

VT Road Marker Samuel Morey Fairlee

A view of ships and canoes docked in the harbor for summer camp fun at the Lanakila Camp for Boys in Vermont, 1927.Photograph by Clifton R. Adams, National Geographic Creative

Northwest Art Mall MR-3153 Vermont Canoe in Moonlight 11 by 17-Inch Print by Mike Rangner by Northwest Art Mall,

We wish we could live in the camp "bubble" year round! It always sounds impossible to let go of cell phones, internet, and video games, but once we get to camp no one cares!