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Remove towel bar in guest bathroom and put these hooks in its place. Looks more inviting, towel bar never gets used. Could also use this to put sink towel on.

Spray paint and fabric - adorable extra seating.

Spray paint and fabric - adorable extra seating.I want to do this to my card table chairs! If I had card table chairs that is.

beautiful rope room divider - would be cool to do with ribbons or other strands

beautiful rope room divider - awesome office space divider, keeping in line with the "open door policy"

Large work table - two hollow core doors ($25 ea.), 4 Walmart book cases ($16 ea.

Large work table out of 2 hollow doors and 4 small walmart bookshelves. Thinking one door and two bookshelves as a kitchen table/workspace.


Echoes of Laughter: Back To School Organizing Part Creating A School Launching & Landing Pad.Great lunch ideas too

A splash pad -- Totally having this in my backyard some day. For the kids, OF COURSE. ;))

Backyard splash pad: No up keep, small footprint, cheaper than a pool, safer than a pool. In the winter put a fire pit and some chairs!

another clothes drying rack

what about shelves with a set of fold out bars that the towels can be draped across.with the fan this could potentially dry the towels better.

Vintage Hawaiian quilt

Vintage Hawaiian Quilt, reminder that random is okay with the Hawaiian fabric that I brought back

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