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My wood (and non-wood) projects

My day job is to build intangible things (i.e. write code), so on weekends I enjoy building things I can touch, look at from different angles, etc. Visit to read about some of my other projects.
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Laser cut keychain. The interesting part was computing the outset a font/bezier curve.

Every year I organize a CTF for my co-workers. This year, the theme was beer-brewing-robots taking over the world. The winners received this bottle opener cut from a sheet of stainless steel. The edges are a little sharp, maybe the robots are still trying to harm us? :)

Finished spice rack. It's built using two types of wood to give some color contrast. The top and bottom panels have a Swiss & Californian design laser etched. The middle panel is a laser cut out.

Preparing the cube. The hard part is making sure every face is perfectly perpendicular to every other face.

3d printing a chess set using JavaScript and some interesting math. I need to eventually write about this...