The eyes.

I just love black and white photography. You are able to see deep within someone's soul without the distractions of color. The first thing I looked at in this picture was the eyes! They are beautiful!


91 Year-Old Mom Couldn't Look After Herself, So Her Photographer Son Took Her In And Now They Make Art Together

Laughter <3

This is one of the best photos I've ever seen. I dont know if she is laughing or crying. I hope it's laughter.


This picture really holds the strength of femininity♀Woman Portrait face of black lady By Mark Gellineau

♀ Black and white woman portrait Asian

Hasselblad Masters Awards 2012 Finalists


Dark Girls: A Documentary

crystal-black-babes: Ajuma Nasenyana - Black Fashion Models from Ivory Coast Ebony Picture Galleries: Ajuma Nasenyana

Bedouin Man

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What a gorgeous woman. And that naturally curly beautiful hair! Melanin, curls, black women, black is beautiful