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The great thing about poetry is that it can be engaging, yet efficient; a couple read-throughs may take only a few minutes and can refresh your students on any number of skills, including close reading, determining central idea, interpreting figurative language, and citing text evidence.

Favorite Poems for Middle School

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Symbolism Song Project

Students practice symbolism by writing a song. Project includes practice worksheets, feedback forms, guidelines, and rubric. For use with novels or as a stand-alone project. (6-10)

Symbolism Song Project

Students will learn in this tutorial when and how to use an in-text citation. They'll also practice putting some together. Robin Hood may be involved.

In-text Citations for Middle School Students

Circle Chats: A Cooperative Learning Strategy {Post 3 of 5}

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I just died a little and went to teacher heaven. The website it links to is AH-MAH-ZING!

Beyond the grades...: Teacher Binder


Creekside Teacher Tales: Classroom Must-Haves

Ever have one of those moments at the end of a Friday school day where your students are making too much noise and you don’t feel like doing any work? Well you have come to the right place! These set of silent class games are best to play if you are trying to get rid of that headache you got from yard duty or you want to introduce your weekend with some peace and quiet! - See more at:


NQWIWP book cover - 6 Word Memoir

Field Note Friday: Six-Word Memoirs

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Student Led Conferences No Prep Packet

This packet contains 5 worksheets that will help your students prepare for their Student Led Conference. There worksheets included in the packet are: 1-planning chart for conversation 2-artifact/evidence checklist 3-short/long term personal and academic goal setting 4-academic goals by marking period 5-reflection form These worksheets are designed for middle and high school students to complete in an advisory setting.

Student Led Conferences No Prep Packet

Parent Teacher Conferences Self-Evaluation

Parent Teacher Conferences Self-Evaluation


Special Education Accommodations

Special education accommodations for math, reading, writing, organization, homework, and tests

Special Education Accommodations

I can tell in the first 5 minutes of any class, how well that lesson is going to be received. Here are 5 simple way to make sure that those first few minutes engage students.

How to Engage Students in the First few Minutes

Looking for a great read aloud to start the school year in your middle school classroom? Check out these recommendations. #backtoschool

Back to School Read Alouds

Managing Middle Schoolers: After some years of experience, and a lot of trial and error, I finally feel like I can teach middle schoolers. I might go as far to say I actually love teaching middle schoolers.

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7 Easy Icebreakers

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Socratic Seminars...FANTASTIC step-by-step description how to implement the Socratic Seminar into the classroom successfully

Making the Leap to Socratic Seminars

Teachers Notebook- Early Finisher activities

Teachers Notebook

Teaching Theme Using Close Reading 4.RL.2 5.RL.2 6.RL.2

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The bulletin board behind the desk is called "Change Your Words - Change Your Mindset!" This year, I'm working to help my kids develop a growth mindset. Many of them have had a fixed mindset instilled in them through their families. They have been raised to believe that they are either a "math person" or "not a math person." This summer, I read Carol Dweck's Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.

Math = Love: Growth Mindset and SBG Bulletin Board Downloads

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Literature Circle Roles Worksheets & Posters


Literature Circle Roles Worksheets & Posters

Create your own jeopardy...and it's FREE

Online Jeopardy Template

Best Flipping sub book!!! Does NOT link to teachers pay teachers ;) Free!

My Organized Chaotic Classroom: Sub Binders

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First Days of Middle School - Games and Activities

Classroom Management: First Days of Middle School - Games

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Computer Choices. A list of paid and free sites for great resources which may help generate even better ideas for teaching in a classroom

Totally Terrific in Texas: Computer Choices

We Are Teachers: This is an excellent website for social emotional learning resources.

We Are Teachers