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2014 Wedding Photography Giveaway.

Enter to win free wedding photography for your 2014 soiree by Priscilla Thomas. One lucky couple will receive 8-hours of wedding photography coverage!

2014 Wedding Photography Giveaway.

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Kinfolk Dinner - Los Angeles

Charleston Wedding Engagement via Sea Star Arts Photography Jeni Rone {}

Sara + Jorge - will say ‘I do’ in the Lowcountry in 2014! - 2014 Wedding Photography Giveaway

Jennifer + Joe – heading down the aisle in January at Pepper Plantation! - 2014 Wedding Photography Giveaway

  • Mary Campbell
    Mary Campbell

    Jen and Joe are a fantastic couple and they are so deserving of this! Pin, pin, pin!

  • Jennifer Huotari
    Jennifer Huotari

    Hey everyone. I've talked to Patricia and asked her to take our picture off. The pinning war is beyond the ridiculous mark and I would like you to not worry about this anymore. Its not that important that you spend your time doing this for me. While photography is one important thing for me, it's not worth the waste of time. Thanks for considering my feelings this. XOXO Jen

  • Jennifer Huotari
    Jennifer Huotari

    You can keep pinning but don't spend your time trying to top the others! Love you all for trying to win this for me! We will work the photography out somehow!!

  • Jennifer Huotari
    Jennifer Huotari

    Just realized it uncorrected here too. Sorry Priscilla!

  • Elegant Monogramming
    Elegant Monogramming

    Lovely Picture.

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Amanda + Andrew – taking the plunge in September at Boone Hall Plantation - 2014 Wedding Photography Giveaway

  • Shannon Davis
    Shannon Davis


Michelle + Charles – become man and wife at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens in April! 2014 Wedding Photography Giveaway

  • T Cooper
    T Cooper

    love your picture

  • Kelly Morehead
    Kelly Morehead

    Such a great photo!!

  • Melissa Greenhouse
    Melissa Greenhouse

    love this!

  • 月華 吳
    月華 吳

    Happy couple

Mary Jo + Greg – dropping the anchor at the William Aiken House in February! - 2014 Wedding Photography Giveaway

Lindsey + Keenan – tying the knot in Charleston! - 2014 Wedding Photography Giveaway

Lindsay + Aaron – will say ‘I do’ in Downtown Charleston in April! - 2014 Wedding Photography Giveaway

  • Sheri Townsend
    Sheri Townsend

    Please vote for this couple, they are family!!

Kathryn + Oliver – getting married in May at Old Sheldon Church and reception at theBeaufort Inn, in downtown Beaufort! - 2014 Wedding Photography Giveaway

  • Joette Oliverio- Weir
    Joette Oliverio- Weir

2014 Wedding Photography Giveaway! With photos from the beautiful Priscilla Thomas.

2014 Wedding Photography Giveaway - Charleston Weddings, Hilton Bead Weddings, Myrtle Beach Weddings

2014 Wedding Photography Giveaway - Charleston Weddings, Hilton Bead Weddings, Myrtle Beach Weddings