Veruschka 1965

Vogue Pattern Book Autumn 1965 Veruschka is wearing a late afternoon dress, red, hat, brown, style.

Vogue Australia, 1964 by Helmut Newton...

What ever do you mean, the other mother's do not have a pet kangaroo darling? Photo by Helmut Newton, shot in Australia for Vogue, May

Dior 1951

A buyer sampling an evening dress on a model to check its quality from Christian Dior haute couture s/s photographed by Nat Farbman, 1951


Vintage Fashion: shabby & they remember the dress. Dress impeccably & they remember the woman: Coco Chanel


The dresses during the were amazing. red full skirt print dots wasp waist peasant blouse black puff sleeves car model magazine vintage fashion print ad I have always wondered what it was like to always have to wear one everyday.

Vogue, January 1956  Photographed by Richard Rutledge

From the Archives: Summer in

Ruth Neumann-Derujinsky looking through water-proof camera, wearing black bathing suit and black velvet bathing cap banded in red and green. Vogue, January 1956 Condè Nast Archive Photographed by Richard Rutledge.