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Stephanie Harris
Stephanie Harris
Stephanie Harris

Stephanie Harris

and when we do, the hands become my legs, forever stuck on 4:40pm. -Michael Faudet

Grammar Police Ticket - love this even though I would be the first person to get ticketed. lol

Create personalized graduation announcements to kick off your party with plenty of pizzazz. | Tiny Prints

Great way to help kids see the purpose behind the learning! Goals in Sight By: All for the Love of Teaching

Adorable Punctuation Police Lesson from Kickin It In Kindergarten!!!

Punctuation Police! Blog post on how to make working on punctuation FUN! Great ideas for the K - 2 classroom!

Title Ride - work on title using this fun game from Harcourt.

Quotation Mark Hunt Use these speech bubble cards to practice finding quotations in text and writing them correctly. Follow up with the printable which could be used for assessment or practice. Follow me for more activities like this! Enjoy! Christy Dye

I love scoot activities! This one is such great review for quotation marks! This would be great for second graders or as a review for third graders! Visit my store to purchase: www.teacherspayte...

I do believe in the oxford comma and its brethen among the maligned punctuation of the world having a purpose, the importance of proper grammar in clarification, syntax as a tool to generate flow, and the ruthless ditching of all rules when your writing calls for it.

How well do you know your comma rules? Take this free, 20-question quiz by and find out!

Punctuation and Capitalization Game (Beat the Teacher)

Commas Video Explanations (2 of 2) product from TIPS4Teachers on

Bloom’s revised Taxonomy with verbs! | An Ethical Island

Comma Rules, Great Video! (some rules can be skipped in 4th grade)


A light-hearted comma review PowerPoint with seven boiled-down comma rules, examples, and "comma relief" jokes. The rules include introductory words and phrases, interrupters, dependent clauses, lists, side-by-side adjectives, and compound sentences.

Commas+in+a+Series+(List)+PowerPoint+-+Comma+Rules+-+Grammar+Ninja COMMON+CORE:+CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.1;+CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.2 DETAILS:+This+7-slide+PowerPoint+Presentation+Show+is+sure+to+liven+up+your+comma+notes+and+practice.+Perfect+for+middle+school+or+high+school! *+w/+lists+of+nouns *+w/+direct+objects *+w/+lists+of+verbs *+w/+lists+of+prepositional+phrases *+w/+lists+of+phrases+

Comma Rule Jigsaw Activity-teaching others leads to 90% retention rates and better transfer of skills

THE ELECTRIC COMPANY: Commercial: Commas

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Magical Musical ‘Rules for Commas’ Posters” - Go to The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs for this and hundreds of free

2nd Grade Smarty-Arties taught by the Groovy Grandma!: anchor charts