Really well done steampunk outfit

Wave Gothic Festival

The Wave Gothic Festival on May 2009 in Leipzig, Germany. The music festival, which started out in 1992 with a small line up of only ten bands, now spans four days and dozens of acts playing inside and outside venues across Leipzig.

DIY Dance Costume Embellishing tutorial - January 2015: DIY Dance Costume Embellishing Tutorial - January 2015

Take a blank costume and make it your own with simple embellishing techniques. In this tutorial we will take a nude bra and a p.

Dessert maiden fox.

Lucky Apocalypse / female wasteland warrior / survivor / zombie hunter / a really big gun / post apocalyptic / women's cosplay / LARP

norseminuteman: “I Love this pic of Alex Zedra, pretty sure I’ve posted it a couple of times already… don’t care.

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