Ice Queen eye makeup ~ get an old wedding dress, glitter-glam it with snowflake xmas decorations, rhinestones etc. 'freeze' hair into spikes, temp hair spray silver and glitter

Toland Home Garden Breathe 28 x Decorative USA-Produced House Flag


Burger King Appeals to the Beauty Junkie Demographic

In the race to sell more burgers, Burger King Netherlands has adopted a new ad strategy—hamburger makeup! Check out this amazing burger eyeshadow, which.

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cool and freaky at the same time!! Nice..

I'm drawn to creative use of trees in design; consideration of them in photos, fashion, decor, tree houses and incorporated in architecture

I see in frosted rainbows

Discover fashionfreax, your fashion community. Awesome Style that combines : candy eye with More Street Fashion here.

such a cool eyeball.

Close-up I chose this picture because it doesn't have a background. I like this picture because of the different colors in the eye. I think I will try something similar to this when we use color film.

Not enough time to do. But would look awesome. Must take a really crafty hand. EVERY CHILDS DREAM LOL

Tal Peleg's Eye Art Recreates Your Favorite Movies and Fairy Tales

TAL PELEG - No nail art but eye art! From the story of the ugly duckling to the Princess and the pea, makeup artist Tal Peleg knows how to built out everything

Nina's eyes. - Imagine a pair of these on Holland Roden and you get Nina Elber.

There's a saying that your eyes are the windows to your soul. Coloboma, a deformity that can happen in your eye, seems to, ironically, be linked to. Windows to the Soul

Meschien was dit wat hoe ik mijn boodschap aan het oog kom kopelen. En dit dan bij een linker oog net als mijn oog nu.

How to Apply Loose Glitter on Eyes

Entry to the soul & the universal mind ....

"The eyes are the windows to the soul." The eyes tell much of the condition of one's soul. I often perceive the state of a person's soul by looking into their eyes.

Stunning Eye Make-Up Art! Can't get over how awesome these are!

My Latest Discovery: How Have I Lived Without These Products?!

Make-up looks inspired by My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I love Luna's look.

Makeup Is Magic

my little pony: friendship is magic inspired eye make-up. This makes me want to do the same with the Apocalypse ponies. - More Nail art and Desings: www.