The feeling of the road pounding beneath your feet, the stitch in your side, the feeling of throwing up, the lack of breath, and the agony of your muscles as you run; then you look back at all the ground you've covered and you can taste the sweet victory.

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this is a health-inspired blog which consists of nike products, workout, motivation, fitness, inspiration, NTC, athletes and helpful goal is to be healthy, fit and at my strongest...feel free to message me for any advice or questions.

I'm just a country girl who loves those country boys. I'm not exactly everyone's cup of tea, I'm more like your shot of whiskey. She ain't into wine and dinin'. My only dream is to earn the title...


30 minutes a day to a fitter, healthier, and loving life more, You!! Believe it, do it, and ask yourself how you feel after you done it. God is not there only on your spiritual walk, but in the physical one as well. Live life to the full!


My name is Camila and i'm a vegetarian who went through quite a few struggles and islooking for a way to lose weight. On my way to a healthier lifestlye. I'm always here for you if you need help. Feel...

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