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We The People - Together We Will Stand!

We The People - Together We Will Stand!

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Now you know that's the truth!

Voting republican

Yeah, sure.

  • Laurel Rogers
    Laurel Rogers

    Just look at that creepy face...heh heh heh!

Unless Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are going to be in it.

I totally agree with this. You have to "be prepared to give a defense..", which is why everyone, believer or atheist, should check out this site:

She must know a lot of republicans.


  • Laurel Rogers
    Laurel Rogers

    THANK you, m'dear!!!

What woman in her right mind would vote for this guy or anyone like him? No parent should ever find themselves in a doctor's office with a raped daughter trying to "prove" she was raped. The stupidity sometimes seems endless.. YOUR RELIGION IS NOT MY GOVERNMENT!

I would not want to be right wing Christian, and a republican. Both are disgusting.

  • Laurel Rogers
    Laurel Rogers


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Put this tape over Republican mouths!...

You, Betcha!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Keep going, then we can be rid of all you racist, and bigots in our government forever.

Trolls don't have a need for common sense, they have the bible and their guns.

You, Betcha!

The issue of women's rights has been going on for such a long time. Although things have improved greatly, there are still rights that are denied to women everyday. There is a glass ceiling even if men can't see it. Women who work the same jobs as men can stll be paid way less than a man. Protesting this shit is getting old. When will society realize women do NOT give up!

President Eisenhower's quote on the radical Republicans in the 1950s. It was no wonder that current Republicans turned out to be what President Eisenhower talked about in his letter to his brother, Edgar N. Eisenhower. He was a moderate Republican which wouldn't fit in the 21st Century Republican Party.

Sorry, this is the internet age. Nothing goes away anymore.

Yup, that's the republican way of thinking.

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