Vc já está dentro desse mar comigo... responda-me uma coisa, você se encontraria comigo na terça-feira naquele lugar que nos encontramos por acaso?? Se a resposta for sim, poste algo 1pin e então lhe digo o horário que estarei lá.

Black & White Photography Inspiration Picture Description Linadini Yasmin and Dewi Setyaningsih of Indonesia compete in the Women's Platform Synchronized Diving preliminary at the FINA World Championships. Photo: Adam Pretty, Getty Images (b&w version)

Thomas Farkas | Dancing is about expressing indescribable things and how the shadow becomes your friend.

Thomaz Farkas - 13/02/2018 - Ilustrada - Fotografia - Folha de S.Paulo

Thomas Farkas Dancing is about expressing indescribable things and how the shadow becomes your friend.

Vc é mais uma na multidão...sem fé?

I is for Ironman, a crazy hard endurance race. Stop searching for insurance start finding it. 2011 Ironman World Championships.Lambus Photography studio in Kona.

No info on this, but just another great starting point for pattern - the found object. Everyone's done a version of the chain link fence, but that shadow is brilliant, erratic, dynamic. So easily convertible into a successful surface design.

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Post Repetition of Form This image gives a sense of unity because of the actual wire pattern is a unified pattern. The added shadow cast by the wire adds an accenting unity to the entire piece, so it seems chaotic at first, but is actually unified.

O húngaro de 22 anos Noell S. Oszvald fotografa apenas há um ano, mas é…

melancolia e surrealismo na fotografia de noell s. oszvald

Young Hungarian photographer Noell Oszvald, who only a year ago first picked up a camera, creates incredibly attractive and highly artistic portraits of

B&W, no color, not selective color. Think fine art, creative, beauty, sensual, eclectic, avant-garde. Think outside the box. Due date will be late October before Halloween. Visit us or

This piece works with shadow art, which I find very interesting. I love pieces with crisp lines and the affect of the nails has exactly that. The contrast between the white wall, dark nails, and light shadows is dramatic, yet simple.

de budapeste, os belos auto-retratos em preto e branco de noell oszvald

Self-Portraits, Noell S. Oszvald With a shadowy and highly conceptual aesthetic, like the images of dreams upon awakening, Hungarian photographer Noell S. Oszvald presents powerful, surreal.

Kusama recebe retrospectiva em Nova York - 28/07/2012

Yayoi Kusama recebe retrospectiva em Nova York

Ininity Mirror Room-Phalli’s Field (Floor Show), 1965 Sewn stuffed fabric, board, mirror room/without ceiling 250 x 455 x 455 cm inside Mixedmedia Installation view: R. Castellane Gallery, New York Courtesy Yayoi Kusama

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