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GREEN TEA: What makes it so special ? -

Green tea has acquired a prestigious place among beverages and it is one of the first drinks that come to mind in terms of antioxidant components.


Wedding story of June 6 2015 by Yulianna Asinovskaya from Moscow, Russia

DIABETES CURE: New protein discovered – it prevents diabetes -

Diabetes & obesity serious conditions that affects large part of USA population.New scientific breakthrough may have found a way to prevent these disorders.

TEETH WHITENING: Homemade remedy for white teeth -

TEETH HEALTH - Homemade remedies for whitening teeth are a great alternative for fast, safe and inexpensive teeth whitening.

ANEMIA - Natural remedies -

Doctors have used raw honey to treat seasonal allergies since it contains the pollen that causes of the allergies in the first place. By eating a teaspoon daily the patient builds up an immunity.

SWEET POTATO JUICE:  Regulates blood sugar -

Sweet potato are not commonly used, unfortunately, but they are extremely high in useful nutrients and vitamins.

CANCER SYMPTOMS: 15 symptoms you should not ignore!

Danielle Fagan​ helps us to understand, stop and resolve panic attacks. Also, discover new methods to help treat and prevent future panic attacks.

Cancer prevention starts with heathy food.

Originating from China, ginger is a powerful and extremely beneficial spice that has been consumed for many years. They can be found in various forms - fresh, dried, ground/powdered, or juiced. It is one of the healthiest spices in the world due to its pl