Experience in Lighting - Atena Lux 2014 Our most important realizations..but that's not all, come and discover us!

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TOUCH - suspended luminaire New, suspended luminaire with direct and indirect emission. With 25 mm thickness only, it is possible to connect modules in several lenghts, creating architectural geometries. Different models and typologies are available.

Calcolo illuminotecnico su progetto. Servizio gratuito! Lighting planning calculation on a specific project. Free service!

Profili LED per installazione ad incasso, parete, sospensione, angolo, plafone. http://issuu.com/atenaluxsrl/docs/street_led_hq LED profiles for recessed, wall, suspended, corner and ceiling installation. http://issuu.com/atenaluxsrl/docs/street_led_hq

Nuova versione del catalogo TOUCH LED. Flussi aggiornati e informazioni aggiuntive per la nostra lampada a sospensione per eccellenza. https://issuu.com/atenaluxsrl/docs/touch_led_rev._hq New version for the TOUCH LED catalogue. More details and updated luminous fluxes have been added to our excellent suspended light. https://issuu.com/atenaluxsrl/docs/touch_led_rev._hq

Nuovo catalogo illuminazione medicale e testaletto. New catalogue medical lighting and bedhead units. https://issuu.com/atenaluxsrl/docs/bedhead_units_and_medical_lighting_ #medical #hospital #lighting #madeinitaly

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