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leading lines // depth of field // depth of frame

Lines: The photo exemplifies lines through what appears to be a road leading the observer into the big city. The photo illustrates a nice employment of depth of field, which truly provides power to the lines leading to the busy city

Leading Lines    When we look at a photo our eye is naturally drawn along lines. By thinking about how you place lines in your composition, you can affect the way we view the image, pulling us into the picture, towards the subject, or on a journey "through" the scene. There are many different types of line - straight, diagonal, curvy, zigzag, radial etc - and each can be used to enhance our photo's composition.

Leading Lines: S-curves- This photograph displays s-curves because the road creates a distinctive line in the image and leads you through the entire photograph. The "s" shaped curve of the road/line also adds a more interesting dynamic to the image.