Brand: Nike air max Source type: direct Attribute: credibility They use this source because everyone is very familiar with nikes and their quality. They are trying to say that nikes will help with training, running, or everyday use.

Bye Helmets "Change Your Head" // Agency: 1861 United, Milan, Italy / Art Director: Giorgio Cignoni / Copywriter: Luca Beato / Creative Directors: Pino Rozzi, / Roberto Battaglia / Photographer: Fulvio Bonavia  //

Creative Advertising Ideas : Advertising is how a company encourages people to buy their products, services or ideas.

The art of hairdressing. Pub ads publicité

Why does a hair salon ad have to feature the implication of a naked woman's legs? It's a hair salon!

AIAIAI Headphones: Sexy Vice Magazine Ad #Advertising

AIAIAI Headphones: Sexy Vice Magazine Ad This ad uses sex appeal to get the viewer engaged. It is only a pair of headphones but in the overall glance at it it looks like the female body. This ad appeals to men.

Arno: Ugly Parents, Beautiful Kids

Arno Ugly Parents Beautiful Kids Ad by Publicis, Brazil. The perfect mix no matter the ingredients. New Arno.

Print advertisment created by Pedro Juan & Diego, Chile for Oticon, within the category: Personal Accessories.