Star vs the forces of evil!!

All for the new tv show on Disney XD feel free to follow for a invite :)
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I just started to watch Star vs the forces of evil, and I love it! Star is adorable, I kinda wish she was an official disney princess.

Star might have a few tricks under her sleeve if Jarco ever becomes a thing.

Star, Moon, Heinous and Eclipsa are the four card thingies . star is hearts, moon diamond, heinous clover and eclipsa spade! Anyone else notice this? WHAT DOES IT MEAN Supernatural Style

hehehe I like this cartoon a lot Buy my design and help this little girl :'), you can buy tees, mugs, sticks, bags etc in this . Star vs the forces of evil

The Forces Of Evil, Rick And look at Star :D

“ Star Vs the Forces of Evil Season 2 I found and watched the entirety of this show in a single day and had to make something for it. It’s just such a wonderful blend between cute and serious. Also this picture was so big I decided.