Math is more than filling in a blank...check out this post with an easy way to get your students thinking and talking more deeply about decimals!

Learning, Thinking, Creating: Decimal Sequencing and Critiquing Reasoning

Fraction quilt

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Fun Center to review multiple concepts

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best fraction apps for kids -10 apps to make learning and practicing math fun!

Best Fraction Apps for Kids | Imagination Soup

Teaching fractions of an inch…Color the ruler!

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In this quick and easy game, students compete against one another to form the highest decimal number using playing cards. This game challenges students to think critically about the place value of digits in decimal numbers and how each digit's placement impacts the total value of the number. Come visit us at to learn how to play!

Decimal Place Value With Playing Cards!

Fraction Draw - Draw two cards each, place them as a fraction, largest wins.

Who's Who and Who's New: Dealing Up Some Fun in Math

Math - Free Fraction Strips and activities for them

Free Fraction Strips to Print or Download

Several ideas for the conceptually teaching of fractions with hands-on activities.

Hands-on Fractions: The Key to Understanding

Math Fraction Games for Kids #STEM

Fractions Don't Have to Be Stressful

This is an activity for students to learn the use of decimals in math. This is a fun way for the students to role play being in a restaurant and using addition of decimals. I believe that this lesson creates a hands on experience that students will enjoy and it gives many different options for the students to understand how to add decimals. Amanda Hallberg

4th Grade Decimal Lesson

It all started with a question…where should I put 3/4 on the number line?  I was starting a unit with my 4th grade RTI kiddos on fractions, and the question was meant to activate prior knowledge and give me a baseline of their understanding.  I had passed out fraction tile kits, because I planned to …

Developing Fraction Sense - Math Coach's Corner

Fractions are a part of many second through fifth grade classrooms. These 20 fraction games, fraction worksheets, activities and resources will help simplify your lesson planning.

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Freebie! Fractions on a number line task cards. Super Bowl themed :)

Fractions on a Number Line Freebie

Add some fun into your fraction unit with these great You Tube videos and songs about fractions. Great for movement breaks and transition times!

Teaching Math With You Tube Videos: Fractions

$6 Fraction Bingo - This packet contains 30 randomized and uniquely themed fraction bingo cards and 2 bingo calling cards. There are 24 fractions and 1 free space on each bingo card. Each card has random fractions from 1/1 to 10/10. We suggest that all pages are printed out and laminated. Use this one resource for years!


Looking for ideas to teach fractions? Check out Name That Point for a cool fraction number line estimation activity. Students must use benchmarks to estimate. FREE templates included in post.

Thinking Critically with Fractions and Number Lines

Love this genius tip for comparing fractions. Great way for kiddos to check their reasoning!

The Applicious Teacher: Fractions Part 2- With a FREEBIE!

Fraction Pictionary: Recognizing Fractions with Drawing {Fraction Game} "The kids had a blast playing this game. They begged to play every day. It was a "real life" activity and helped the students see fractions in a new way, not just as pizzas." Karen S.

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Math Coach's Corner: Equivalent Fraction Dash. I was looking back through my digital archives, and I found this little equivalent fraction game. My 5th graders used to love this game because, well, you get to run in the classroom.

Math Coach's Corner

Equivalent Fractions Notebook Entry. Use die cut pattern blocks or stickers to make this hands-on activity really hit home with your students!

The ULTIMATE List of Fraction Activities

The ULTIMATE List of Fraction Activities for the upper grades.

The ULTIMATE List of Fraction Activities

Task cards are the perfect resource for math workshop and small groups, and this set includes all the fraction task cards you could possibly need!

The ULTIMATE List of Fraction Activities

Free exit tickets for a wide variety of fraction concepts including simplifying, equivalent fractions, identifying fractions, improper fractions and mixed numbers, comparing fractions, and more!

The ULTIMATE List of Fraction Activities