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Math-Fractions & Decimals

Math-Fractions & Decimals

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The Power of NOT Giving the Answer...ever asked the students a question and let them stew on it for DAYS? Come check out today's blog post to see how I worked to REALLY get my students thinking about fractions--not just TELLING them about fractions.

Smart Smarties Fraction Fun FREE....grrr...I used to teach this lesson with my 6th graders...wish I'd had this organizational device!

Upper Grades Are Awesome: Smart Smarties Fraction Fun

Fractions Worksheets - In this 45 page NO PREP common core math fractions activity packet, you will receive lots of fraction printables to help your 3rd graders master Common Core fraction skills! Students will identify fractions, learn vocabulary, use fraction anchor charts, compare fractions, write fractions, color fractions, analyze number lines, complete fraction walls, determine equivalent fractions, solve word problems and more!


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Add some fun into your fraction unit with these great You Tube videos and songs about fractions. Great for movement breaks and transition times!

Teaching Math With You Tube Videos: Fractions

There are so many ways to compare fractions! Check out these 5 efficient strategies that will have your students on the path to understanding in no time!

Fly on the Math Teacher's Wall Squashing Fraction Misconceptions

Do you teach fractions in the spring? This is a MUST HAVE!! This foldable helps your students work with one fourth, two fourths, three fourths, one half, one third, two thirds, Your students will color circles, squares, rectangles, and a group picture of chicks hatching in order to show the above fractions. $

Fraction Foldable- SPRING THEME

These free pizza fraction printables are a great way to have fun and learn about equivalent fractions.

Free Pizza Fraction Printable Activities: Equivalent Fractions

fraction bingo - students make their own boards. You can take it a step further by calling out addition and subtraction problems, equivalent fractions, percentages, and decimals for students to solve/convert.

Primarily Speaking: They Can't Get Enough!

Real Teachers Learn: Math Manipulatives and Fraction Art {Fractions and decimal relationship- hundredths}

Real Teachers Learn: Math Manipulatives and Fraction Art

Looking for a low-prep, easy-to-use center for practicing fractions of a whole number? Come visit us at to see how we've re-purposed some dollar store goodies to make this fun game!

64 task cards (2 sets) for converting and reducing fractions.

Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions Task Cards (64 cards)

Comparing decimals in order from least to greatest. Super FUN and FREE group activity!

Little Lovely Leaders: Off to an Awesome Start!

Anchor chart to help students learn how to order and compare decimals

Ms. Cao's 4th Grade Math: Ordering and Comparing Decimals

Fraction Number Lines!

Fractions~ Comparing, Equivalents and Number Lines

Relating #decimals to money and fractions, via Shut the Door and Teach

Shut the Door and Teach: Decimal Anchor Chart

Fractions decimals and percents puzzle math center!! What a fun way to practice the skill!!

Roll a Fraction/Decimal/Percent math center! Students roll 2 dice to get the percent and then convert it to a fraction, decimal, and picture! GREAT PRACTICE!

Create●Teach●Share: 80+ Fraction Printables

Create●Teach●Share: 80+ Fraction Printables

Great anchor charts on fractions here!

Fraction Game: Student roll dice with fractions of 1/6, 1/3, 1/2,1. The goal of the game is to fill the hexagon on the pattern block worsheet. You can also use two dice add the fractions and put the appropriate piece on the board

Young Teacher Love: Fraction Anchor Chart Freebie and Hands-on Fractions

Fraction Anchor Chart Freebie and Hands-on Fractions

Fractions on a Number Line free worksheet! CCSS 3.NF.2

Fractions on a Number Line

Decomposing Fractions with a Math Must Read Mentor Text- Full House

Decompose Fractions~Helpful teaching tips are included

Literacy & Math Ideas: Decompose Fractions