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Using Interactive Number Lines to Support Number Sense

Math Wkshp

Tch Math

Numeracy Maths

4Th Grade Math

Math Classroom

Grade 5

Numbers Fractions

Maths Number

Number Sense

Learn how to use interactive number lines in your classroom to teach whole numbers, fractions and decimals. Use this fun and interactive math activity to develop conceptual understanding all students. FREE templates included.

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Equivalent Fractions Coloring

Equivalent Fraction Activities

Fraction Puzzles

Fraction Freebies

Free Equivalent

Identifying Equivalent

Center Equivalent

Fourth Grade Equivalent Fractions

Fraction Enrichment

This FREE math center activity focuses on students identifying equivalent fractions in standard form and with pictures. It includes 8 full color puzzles (that also look great in black and white), and a half page card with student instructions with the answer key.

FREE Math Center: Equivalent Fraction Puzzles

Compare Fractions Anchor Chart

Comparing Fractions 3Rd Grade

Fraction Anchor Charts

Math Charts

Fractions Decimals

Fraction Rules

Comparing Fractions With Same Numerator

Comparing Fractions With Like Numerators

Fraction Of The Day

Comparing Fractions anchor chart

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How To Multiply Fractions

Fractions Trick

Dividing Fractions Activities

Fractions Awesome

Fractions Repin

Fractions Decimals


Adding Fraction Activities

Fractions Easier

Fast Fractions – Easy System: Awesome way to remember how to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions!

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Fractions Butterfly

Butterfly Math

Butterfly Fraction

Butterfly Method

Adding Fractions

Multiplying Fractions

Idea Visual

Fractions Poster

School 0

Multiplying Fractions Poster

Madison (madisontr6d)

Fractured Fractions

Fractions Check

Order Fractions

Comparing Fractions

Teaching Fractions

Sped Math

Math Assessments

6Th Math

Classroom Math

There are so many ways to compare fractions! Check out these 5 efficient strategies that will have your students on the path to understanding in no time!

Fly on the Math Teacher's Wall Squashing Fraction Misconceptions

Cannavo Math

Math 361

5Th Grade Math Decimals

Multiplying Decimals Game

Decimal Math Games

Decimal Cards

Adding/Subtracting Decimals

5Th Grade Adding And Subtracting Decimals

Decimal Stations

Adding and subtracting decimals game for 4th & 5th grades FREE from The Curriculum Corner

Adding & Subtracting Decimals Game

Multiplying Fractions On A Number Line

Equivalent Fraction On A Number Line

Models Equivalent

Daily Fraction

Fractions Math Centers

Fraction Number Line Activity

Equivalent Fractions Fourth Grade

Fraction Of The Day

Fraction To Decimal

Daily fraction review for third, fourth, and fifth graders. This free printable works on drawing models, equivalent fractions, fractions on a number line, and solving problems. Simply add the fraction of the day and a problem for your students to solve and you are ready to go!

Fraction of The Day

Math Teacher'S

Math Teaching

Teaching Ideas For Elementary Math

Math Manipulatives Middle School

Maths Learning Wall

Managing Maths

Maths Working Walls

Decimal Game

Math Games For Middle Schoolers

Improve your students understanding of PLACE VALUE with these SIX models for teaching decimals. Make sure your students have concrete, hands-on experiences before moving to abstract thinking.

Fly on the Math Teacher's Wall: Place Value

Amsti Math

Fifth Grade Math Classroom

Fifth Grade Common Core Math

Daily 5 Fifth Grade

Teaching Fifth Grade

Grade 5 Math

5Th Grade Math Sheets

5Th Grade Math Common Core Free

Comparing Decimals 5Th Grade

I've updated my Decimal of the Day sheet I use in my fifth grade math class to include a space for expanded form with exponents (as required by Common Core Math). Fonts found on; Decimal of the Day idea modified from the Number of the Day/Daily Data from AMSTI Math

Decimal of the Day Template

Rounding Decimals Anchor Chart

Round Decimals

Grade Rounding

Math Decimals

Decimals Percent

Rounding Lessons

Teaching Decimals 5Th Grade

Rounding Games

Engageny Module

Rounding Decimals Anchor Chart | Keep Calm and Teach 5th Grade

Keep Calm and Teach 5th Grade: Rounding Decimals Anchor Chart & Game

Decimals Fourth

Decimals Grade 4

Decimals Game

Teaching Decimals

Fourth Grade Class Jobs

4Th Grade Classroom Jobs

Ashley'S Class

Grade 4 Math Centers

4Th Grade Math Games

4th grade math game for DECIMALS. Perfect for math centers, independent practice, whole class review, and progress monitoring. This math game covers ALL Common Core math standards related to decimals in Fourth Grade.

Decimals Game

Conceptually Teaching

School Idea S

School Maths

Teaching Summer School

Year 5 Maths

Teaching Ideas For Elementary

Great Teaching Ideas

Elementary Creations

Clsrm Ideas

Several ideas for the conceptually teaching of fractions with hands-on activities.

Hands-on Fractions: The Key to Understanding


Multiplying Fractions

Charts Multiplying

Teaching Multiplying Fractions

Fractions Fourth Grade

5Th Grade Math

Fractions Decimals

Maths Charts

Teaching Fractions 4Th Grade

Elementary Fractions


Multiplying Fractions- I have never seen it drawn out with over lapping the 2 multiplied fractions!

Multiplying Fractions

Measurement Education

School Education Math

Measurement Units

School Ideas Math

Math Ideas

17 Ideas

Gil Math

4Th Math

3Rd Grade Math

Fractions of an inch

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IgnitEDfrom IgnitED

Teaching Tip: The Mystery of Reading a Ruler

Rulers Measurement

How To Teach Measurement

Teaching Metric

Metric Ruler

Students Reading

Teaching Students

Teaching Rulers

Teach Math

Teaching Tools

Teaching Tip: The Mystery of Reading a Ruler - IgnitED

Teaching Tip: The Mystery of Reading a Ruler - IgnitED

Qr Fractions

Teaching Fractions

Math Class

Math Fun

School Math

Grade Math

Ruler Picture

Math Masterminds

Measurement Activities

Teaching fractions of an inch…Color the ruler!

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Decimal Sequencing and Critiquing Reasoning

Decimals Read

Order Decimals

Ordering Decimals

Decimals Percents


Decimal Sequencing

Decimal Unit

Decimal Games

Yr4 Maths

Math is more than filling in a blank...check out this post with an easy way to get your students thinking and talking more deeply about decimals!

Learning, Thinking, Creating: Decimal Sequencing and Critiquing Reasoning

Fractions Display

Fractions Art

School Fractions

Fractions Decimals Percents

School Math

Teacher Stuff Math

Teachers Math

Maths Stuff

Math Classroom

Fraction quilt

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Multiple Fractions

Multiplication Fractions

Homeschool Fractions

Adding And Subtracting Fractions 4Th Grade

Year 5 Maths Games

Maths Activities

Division Activities

Ordering Fractions Activities

Domino Math Games

Fun Center to review multiple concepts

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Imagination Soupfrom Imagination Soup

Best Fraction Apps for Kids

Best Math Apps For Kids

Math Apps For Ipad

Best Homeschool Apps

Math Game Apps

Make Reading Fun For Kids

Kindle Apps For Kids

App For Kids

Apps For Classroom

Apps For Ipads

best fraction apps for kids -10 apps to make learning and practicing math fun!

Best Fraction Apps for Kids | Imagination Soup

Fractions Of An Inch

Ruler Fractions

Teaching Fractions

Fourth Grade

Third Grade

Grade Math

Inch Visual

Ruler Anchor Chart

English Esl

Teaching fractions of an inch…Color the ruler!

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Games 4 Gainsfrom Games 4 Gains

Decimal Place Value With Playing Cards!

Game Challenges

Challenges Students

Game Students

Fraction Challenges

Placement Impacts

Digit'S Placement

Highest Decimal

4Th Grade Decimal Place Value

Teaching Decimals Place Value

In this quick and easy game, students compete against one another to form the highest decimal number using playing cards. This game challenges students to think critically about the place value of digits in decimal numbers and how each digit's placement impacts the total value of the number. Come visit us at to learn how to play!

Decimal Place Value With Playing Cards!

Freaky Fractions

Math Games Fractions

Activities For Comparing Fractions

Fractions Lesson Plan

Fractions For Kids

Comparing And Ordering Fractions

Fractions Addition

Fraction Addition Games

Fraction Card Game

Fraction Draw - Draw two cards each, place them as a fraction, largest wins.

Who's Who and Who's New: Dealing Up Some Fun in Math

Ideas Fraction

Printable Fraction

Maths Fraction

Equivalent Fractions Foldable Flip Books

Help With Fractions

Fraction Slips

Fraction Sticks

Free Fraction Worksheets

Fractions Of A Whole

Math - Free Fraction Strips and activities for them

Free Fraction Strips to Print or Download