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Math-Fractions & Decimals

Math Antics - Fractions and Decimals Video

Capture the Fraction! Compare fractions in this fun fourth grade math game. This two-player activity uses a deck of playing cards to practice an important math skill.

K-5 Math Anchor Charts - a great tool for helping students break down problems into simple steps.

This is daily math morning work for weeks 2 through 34 of the fourth grade school year. It covers and practices All of the common core objectives for fourth grade math along with reviewing some objectives from 3rd grade that fosters a deeper understanding of the fourth grade math objectives. $

Fraction, decimal, percent triangle - Love it!

Teaching With a Mountain View: Percents, Decimals, Fractions and a Freebie!

Great Explanation of Fractions. Makes it easier for people of all ages to learn!

Fraction Cards - perfect for playing games like memory and war!

Students use the Scholastic Book Order Club form to practice maniuplating decimals.

Singapore Math - Fractions with Different Denominators

Equivalent fractions using a multiplication chart. BRILLIANT!! No one ever showed me this in school!

FREE Fun Fractions with M and Ms - 2 pages. Materials Needed: 1 snack pack of M and M candies (per student) My classes ALWAYS love this lesson!

Fraction Line-Up (more good ideas for comparing and ordering fractions)

Estimating Products ~ Multiplying Decimals ~ Real World: This 5 page document which includes an answer key contains lesson ideas on how to use the 2 pages of shopping items with prices listed. Students use estimation to figure out the prices of purchasing a number of items as well as figuring out the exact cost of the items.

Students take turns with their partner identifying the improper fraction and mixed fraction represented by each number line. The partner checks, coaches and praises as necessary. The two partners then switch roles and complete the next number line. $1

Plastic bottle caps-Match fractions with decimals.

Nurture Creek: 14 Basic Fraction Activities

This pack can be used as a math game or math center/station. There are 23 pairs that match fraction and decimal. Simply cut, (back if you want), l...

Interactive Fraction App - free!

Teaching students how to think about fractions from multiple perspectives. Common Core mathematical thinking