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Equivalent fraction anchor chart 3.NF.A.3a

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Five LOW PREP Fraction Centers to Make in a Minute! Skills include : Comparing Fractions, Equivalent Fractions, Adding Fractions, Number Line Fractions, Fractional Parts of a Set!

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I like to read 5-10 professional books each year. I don't always find the time but I have found I am a much better teacher when I am learning something new. Out of all the books I have ever read, none of them have changed my teaching quite like this one!

Math Books That Will Change Your Teaching!

Fractions The Leading EDU Perry Site on the Net

Check out the Fraction coloring pages from Coloring Squared. Supplementary practice to memorize those equivalencies.

Fraction Denominators - Coloring Squared

iTeach Third: Fun with Fractions

Fun with Fractions

Pizza math...beginning fractions; equivalent fractions; adding fractions; subtraction; word problems

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Free Fraction Circle Clipart. Use these to make your own set of fraction circles or worksheets.

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Adventures in Third Grade: fractions Art fractions!

Adventures in Third Grade: fractions

Art + Math = Fractional Me ( not a Lego activity, but could easily be made into one with THAT block of a head!)

The Teaching Thief: Art + Math = Fractional Me

Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: Fractions

Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: Fractions

I Want to be a Super Teacher: Perimeter, Area and Fraction Math Mosaics

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I Love My Classroom: Open House Bulletin Boards: Learning is Sweet (Fraction Sundaes)

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Decimal Art Projects | ... Miles, and Large Numbers: We worked with decimal numbers in this unit

2004-2005 Class at Barron Park

The Art Curator for Kids - 13 Ways to Integrate Art and Math Projects Cindy @ The Art Curator for Kids

13 Art and Math Projects for Kids - The Art Curator for Kids

math art project

Art & Math - inspired by Klee - Kids Activities Blog

Read about comparing fractions that are one unit fraction from a whole. Watch a video of students playing a game of WAR and download the cards for free!

Comparing Fractions: One Unit Fraction from a Whole - Math Coach's Corner

Remembering Proper and Improper Fractions by Donnalyn Yates-"We talked about whether it was proper (or right) for a small child to have to hold a very large child. The students agreed that was improper or not the right thing to do. When we drew the proper fraction illustration, it made sense that this was the proper way."

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Decimal Place Value Anchor Chart

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The Power of NOT Giving the Answer...ever asked the students a question and let them stew on it for DAYS? Come check out today's blog post to see how I worked to REALLY get my students thinking about fractions--not just TELLING them about fractions.

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Smart Smarties Fraction Fun FREE....grrr...I used to teach this lesson with my 6th graders...wish I'd had this organizational device!

Upper Grades Are Awesome: Smart Smarties Fraction Fun

Fractions Worksheets - In this 45 page NO PREP common core math fractions activity packet, you will receive lots of fraction printables to help your 3rd graders master Common Core fraction skills! Students will identify fractions, learn vocabulary, use fraction anchor charts, compare fractions, write fractions, color fractions, analyze number lines, complete fraction walls, determine equivalent fractions, solve word problems and more!



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Add some fun into your fraction unit with these great You Tube videos and songs about fractions. Great for movement breaks and transition times!

Teaching Math With You Tube Videos: Fractions

There are so many ways to compare fractions! Check out these 5 efficient strategies that will have your students on the path to understanding in no time!

Fly on the Math Teacher's Wall Squashing Fraction Misconceptions