Jennifer Huemmer-Treber
Jennifer Huemmer-Treber
Jennifer Huemmer-Treber

Jennifer Huemmer-Treber

Crispy, crunchy baked cinnamon apple chips made at home. Healthy, cheap, easy, and addicting!

Crock Pot Apple Butter recipe. So delicious on waffles, muffins, french bread- a perfect gift idea. Inexpensive and easy to make and so delicious!

EASY Apple Pie Bites made with crescent rolls... these taste better than apple pie!

Clean-Eating Apple Pie Oatmeal Cookies -- these skinny cookies don't taste healthy at all! You'll never need another oatmeal cookie recipe again!

johnny appleseed info & activity pages - Just Reed: Apple Day {Part 1}

Cute for our apple unit...this would be a great 'whole, part, gone' activity. I have the cards, but this might be better for wee ones. You could also make a bunch of whole apples out of paper plates and paint them the various colors of different apples. Love.

Use blank apple templates for several activities: trace, pin outline with thumbtacks,

Did this in my classroom and let me just tell you- it was DELICIOUS! And they were sooooo stinking cute about it!

Graph, "What's Your Favorite Way to Eat/Drink An Apple?" (from The First Grade Parade)

The Bible Story Of Adam And Eve - ( Children Christian Bible Cartoon Mov...

Very basic, but very good, step by step drawing for kids. Everything from sports, to Harry Potter. It's awesome!

Simple step by step instructions on how to draw a spider. Watch the short video, and download the free instructions.

FREE Back to school activity to easily integrate art into the classroom. Interactive coloring sheet ideal for grades 3 and above (even adult coloring), pattern filled apple coloring sheet for PreK, 1st and 2nd grade as well as writing prompts all included.

FREE compass rose craftivity, just use old magazines! More social studies ideas:

Another great idea for hot summer nights. Pool Ideas for 3034 N Cerritos Rd, Tracy Merrigan, Open House Palm Springs, Open Saturday Aug 2 11-2pm, Swimming Pool/Home theatre