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Disney Stained Glass

Disney Stained Glass. Pocahontas, Giselle, Kida, Esmerelda, Ursula, Meg, Jessica, Jessie, Tinker Bell, Aladdin, Mother Gothel, Jane, Cora, Tarzan, Elastagirl, Ariel, Evil Queen (SW), Snow White, Belle, the Beast, Rapunzel, Aurora, Mulan Jasmine, Alice, Pe


In case you missed it three weeks ago (like I did), Arcade Fire performed at the YouTube Music Awards (which I didn’t watch, because who cares about Lady Gaga or Eminem). But, Spike Jonze directed a live music video, starring Greta Gerwig, AND it was live! And there were trees, and she was dancing, and it was also Arcade Fire playing and Spike Jonze directing, so, that was pretty enjoyable.

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