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Oops, my finger "accidentally" slipped onto the pin it button. << Oh no. Whatever shall I do?<< my finger slipped onto the pin it button. Oops...<< wow same thing happened to me guys... Weird.

XD<---double oops BWAHAHAHA<---- oh my gosh, oops<<< "Don't repost it" he said.<< oops, my finger slipped.<<< whoops I had a weird finger spasm// I did this on purpose

My hand slipped...oops.

my hands. it just slipped. oh well, i guess a certain (super cute) somebody will shadow travel to my room tonight. totally not on just happened

I see two...divergent and hunger games!

Hunger Games, Divergent, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter>>> Almost all of them! I haven't read the hunger games yet which makes me sad :(

My first Percy Jackson book was actually the movie edition. I read the entire series and eventually got this exact set. TBH I still hate the movie.

me: awww ya, im a demigod! what parent do i have though? maybe athena, she is totally my favorite. Athena: thank you my dear wise one me: heck ya!

I am not a mortal. Nor a demigod. Nor a wizard. I am ALL OF THE ABOVE repost if you go to school at hogwarts, go to camp at CHB, and the hunger games are the only games you play!

Literally sat here laughing insanely for 5 minutes before I could pull it together and pin this!

it makes my day when people say "the Percy Jackson" in the books. or when they say "I've heard so many things about the great Percy Jackson." or how even Gaea thinks he's so awesome she only wants HIS blood