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Alyssa Copley
Alyssa Copley
Alyssa Copley

Alyssa Copley

"Set higher standards for you own performance than anyone around you, and it won't matter whether you have a tough boss or an easy one. It won't matter whether the competition is pushing you hard, because you'll be competing with yourself." ~ Rick Pitino

Mike Rashid.. taught me to take the hard way in life because it'll enhance my aptitude as a person, as a human being.

It makes me so proud when people say "I have no idea how you are so strong"

Check out this useful pin, feel free to check out the original pinner for even more fantastic pins. also check out my site at www.clicktheimage... :Original Description Here: Being #positive in a #negative situation is not naive. it's #leadership.

Keeping my chin up every day may be hard but I'm still doing it and in stilettos nonetheless ;) so keep bringing the punches cause you're going to swing&miss and hurt yourself every time. Keep diggin' your own grave, bih.

Hang a basket under your desk to keep cords off the floor (away from legs, vacuums, etc). It also looks better.

Coconut Rum Soaked Pineapple! To snack on by the pool or on the beach!! YUM!!! Why have I not thought of this before?!?!? Is it summer yet?!?!

Two pallets back-to-back, painted a lovely color, and topped with paving tiles, makes a lovely DIY serving shelf for the patio.

It’s Friday beauts… Put on some #drake, get cute and go run #bossbabe

Confidence is being able to say, "Fuck you, I'm the Shit!" Without opening your mouth. Say it with your walk, with your smile. Say it with your entire being.

Care deeply about what others FEEL because that is what compassion is all about. Care about what others THINK only to the extent that it is constructive. What isn't is mere opinion, not fact. ['s photo on Instagram]

Boss Lady Oakley sunglasses just $24.99

6. Shopping - 9 Very Memorable Quotes from Blair Waldorf ... → Movies

Keep watching me bitches. See you from the top.

Photo taken by Barbi on Instagram, pinned via the InstaPin iOS App! (09/07/2014)

Younique! Check it out at my website www.youniqueprodu...'s photo on Instagram

A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you can't get very far until you change it. #change #success #realdealpodcast

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It took a lot to get here, to reinvent the deconstructed, tattered soul that the demon claws ripped through, but I feel like my 20 year old self. My mind is at ease, my body is powerful, and I am surrounded by love. In bleak times, just remember that you can conquer anything, and, better yet, inspire others to do the same. ~ETS #warriorgoddess #lifeisbeautiful #finallyme

~True 'Keeping it 100' and still classy. Act like a Lady but think like a boss..

The secret to culling the toxic people from your life is to systematically plan and plot your exit while allowing and even encouraging them to think they are leaving you. Handled this way, they never try to come back to you. Let them think they won while you dance off in your happy and successful life.......sans them.