A big belt with tight darm jeans LOVE! I reallly like the grey leather jacket as well. I always have bought black but im definitely going to get a grey one this fall too.

getting ready to go out... gorgeous :)

This is literally how I do my make up in the morning. Sit in the sink in my underwear.

tights suspenders

Cool tights, leggings and pants at REFUSE TO BE USUAL plus one pair of cool shoes. Mostly the shop has Lolita/Emo clothes, but there are some gems hidden in there.

polka dot

Gwen Stefani plays with polka dots, and adds an edge with leather boots and skinny jeans. - Not a fan of Gwen Stefani myself, but that's a really cute outfit :D

cut off jean jackets and thick bracelets :)

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Where can I find these???

I need to do this with some of my distressed True Religion jeans that are BEYOND distressed! - Fashion woman sloppy and disgusting, no good taste. What motivates a normal intelligent woman to dress so bad and shabby?