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Smokey eye makeup is the most irresistible look for party. In this step by step smokey eye makeup tutorial, I have written easy steps of smokey eye makeup.

Coconut oil; my eyelash remedy ! Rubbing a bit on in the shower and keeping it on for five minutes gets rid of under eye darkness and circles as well as making my lashes WAYYY longer and thicker. Only three days I've been using it and I've already been getting compliments on my luscious lashes !

Rub a bit of coconut oil around your eyes and on your lashes while in the shower. Keep it on for five minutes before rinsing off. This helps to get rid of under eye darkness and circles as well as to make lashes longer and thicker.

Eye make up

I wished I could pull off Silver eye shadow. I can do almost any other color but Silver is a no go for me.

Smokey eyes-- I LOVE pink and black eye make up!!

Shows how to do a simple smokey cat eye with a pop of color! Replace the red with any other color and it will still look just as stunning. Or maybe stop before the pop of color for a more daytime look.

I need someone to make my eye brows look like this!!!

How to Fill in Eyebrows Having a strong eyebrow look is so essential for me. Sparse eyebrows take away my confidence. The best tutorial that i've come across to date.

Very simple eyeshadow:)

Do you like all of the eye makeup tutorials but need a more natural look for daytime? Here is a great Natural Eyes look that opens up your eyes and makes you look great.

Speedy, Simple Makeup!

Ever have those days where either you don't want to get all dolled up or are running late and you're still want to look presentable? I show you what key elem.

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