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Book Fandoms

Anything to describe books accurately. As well as crossovers between any fandoms and fandoms that I don't have a board for.

Book Fandoms

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Isn't it obvious???

Harry Potter - Community - Google+

THIS IS SO SAD *cries*



Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Hunger Games

What books taught me

I love this time!

books books books

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    Genesis Rosales


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    Ashley Wegener


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    Kysa Toone


  • Rhiana Thornewood
    Rhiana Thornewood

    Hunger games

So true!

Divergent and Hunger Games funny. Peeta Tobias Four

Too true.....pros and cons to both. Can carry a bunch on the iBook, highlighter, bookmarks, and a built in light so you can read in the dark! But no eye strain with a book! And you can't smell a screen! Decisions.....decisions.

I smell a novel!!

  • Katrina Mills
    Katrina Mills

    ^^ What book?

  • Nicole Plummer
    Nicole Plummer

    The immortals series is kind of like that. That idea is very prominent and rather important to the plot

  • Nicole Plummer
    Nicole Plummer

    I don't know the author

  • Mackenzie G
    Mackenzie G

    Isnt this the Fallen series?

  • Nicole Plummer
    Nicole Plummer

    What I'm talking about isn't that series

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I hope so if not a girl than like... *shudders* a guy. *throws up at the thought*

You fight like a girl...

No words....

All of these happened to me... Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter, and Hunger Games. (not all my fandoms, just the ones mentioned.)

WHY WOULD YOU POST SOMETHING LIKE THIS?!?! *Goes off into the corner sobbing*

  • Katrina Mills
    Katrina Mills

    Who is that second one supposed to be? Adam?

I love the entire right column of books! And I can pick out some lovely books from the left, too!

lol Hunger Games

This is beautiful! It's like a book-ish library of Narnia!

The Mortal Instruments, Percy Jackson, Divergent, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and The Fault in our Stars.


otp - search by works - iFunny :)

The Hunger Games... Harry Potter.... Divergent... Maximum Ride... EVERY Percy Jackson book..