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Gorgeous baby...... There is no point covering babies, Islam does not command any of this.

Top 100 Muslim Baby Names - Modern Muslim Names. Largest Database of Most Beautiful and Unique Muslim Baby Boy and Girl Names, Islamic Names and meanings

Chignon headband.

No-heat hairstyle that will last for 2 days! Tuck locks under a headband. Let them out the next day for natural waves. Brilliant Summer Hair and a simple protective style!


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Haters | Hashtag Hijab

disorder= causes conflict and disagreement. order= wears it for a purpose, belief and faith in god.

The Abraj Al-Bait Towers of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, seen from inside Al-Masjid al-Haram. Photograph by Saleh Waheed.

The Abraj Al-Bait Towers (aka Mecca Royal Hotel Clock Tower) located few metres away from the world's largest mosque and Islam's most sacred site, the Masjid al-Haram.