Fab pirate role play area (",)

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Such a fun homemade toy! Kids can move the boards to create all kinds of tracks for their toy cars! ~ Buggy and Buddy

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Button STEM Activity Challenge for Kids. How high can you build your button tower? Encourage kids to use their fine motor and critical thinking skills to create the tallest button tower. theeducatorsspinonit.com

Button STEM Activity Challenge for Kids


Outdoor areas, boats! Role play.

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Water play for kids out of doors!

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A collection of 7 winter art and craft projects for kids ages 5-10

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Super cute idea

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Just love the amount of cool things you can get into a suitcase!

Fideli Sundqvist


Kids playroom idea

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Hands-on math with homemade number rocks

Hands-On Math with Number Rocks - Fun-A-Day!


Oh. My. Gosh!!!

Coffee & White elfa Deluxe Arts & Crafts Center


DIY Toy Idea: Spin-finite Tops - Babble Dabble Do


Learning with play dough and letter beads. Learn letters, sight words and more! Plus, develop fine motor skills!

Play Dough and Alphabet Beads Activity - Mom Inspired Life


Fish Play Dough Invitation

Fish Play Dough - Fantastic Fun & Learning


How to dye pasta for art projects, crafts and for learning activities

How to dye pasta for art projects


Teach the kids how a bird's nest is made by making your own nests using only natural materials!

Make Like a Bird and Nest


Beautiful storage of natural materials - from Preschool of the Arts (",)

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Nature Faces: Creating art with flowers and leaves! Take the kids on a nature hunt, and create art with your findings! - Happy Hooligans

Toddler Art with Items found in Nature - happy hooligans


Clay Faces: Taking Art Outdoors. Make a face by pressing clay onto a tree. The forest floor provides a wealth of materials to add to the clay sculptures: sticks, fir cones, leaves, pine needles.

Clay sculptures at the Just So festival - NurtureStore


An at home kids' tinker space on a zero dollar budget.

Our Kids' Tinker Space on a Budget - My Nearest And Dearest

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We love to feature play kitchens here on Apartment Therapy, but we haven't given quite as much space to outdoor play kitchens — otherwise known as mud pie kitchens. There's a lot of inspiration out there on the web, so we rounded up 10 fantastic kitchens to excite your creativity for summer.

Mud Pie Kitchen Inspiration


Mud kitchen with clever water-saving water dispenser over sink

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Penguins (craft, printables and vocabulary cards in English and Spanish)

Penguins {craft, vocabulary cards, and printables in English and Spanish}


this woman is extremely creative (and patient) coming up with activities for toddlers/pre-schoolers

* No One Has More Fun Than The Adams'!: Babies/Toddlers