Leprechaun Floats (Green Sherbet & Sprite) - St Patricks Day

Celebrate with Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

St Patrick's Day or Chtistmas.Grinch Floats (Green Sherbet & Sprite) : December movie night for The Grinch that Stole Christmas!

Gold at the end of the rainbow treats. PRECIOUS St. Patrick's Day idea.

Gold at the end of the rainbow treat bags! Rainbow twizzlers, rolos and hershey gold nuggets

Leprechaun footprints. Hahahhaha!!! This is awesome to lay a trick on the kids!!!!

Leprechaun pee - use tiny elf size foot prints for a Leprechaun prank for St Patrick's Day. Disgusting, but oh so funny for the kids!

St. Patricks Day

Holiday or School Spirit or Team Treat Idea. Just color coordinate the candies to match your team or school's colors. Also includes a link to site to get bags. Also makes a cute Holiday Idea as well.