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Amanda Burns

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Nicholas & Alexandra - Robert K. Massie

Being a fan of the TV show Alcatraz made this a really fun read for me. I love crime fiction and this was a fun romp through San Francisco and Alcatraz hunting down a serial killer. Very much enjoyed this book! (and I'm a Karen Vail- BAU agent- fan from earlier books by Jacobson)

Interesting non fiction book about the serial killings that happened near Long Island. The author decided to give us a glimpse of the lives of the victims and their families as opposed to trying to figure out who the killer was as the cases stay unsolved.

HISTORY & BIOGRAPHY: The Romanov Sisters by Helen Rappaport | The Best Books Of 2014, According To Goodreads Users

"But first, coffee." This is so perfect. Except not Keurig, I want more than one measly cup, thanks.

Green Tea: What’s in it? Which Green Tea to buy and avoid + Recipe for Green Ice Tea

I cringed reading this. And yet when we are robed in Jesus, he calls us to come anyways. || "First Thought After Seeing You Smile", by Warsan Shire

Plant-based weekly meal plans on a budget. 1 person - $25/week. Includes links for all 4 weeks AND for couples and family of 4 plans. Single plan works out to $80.39/month!!!

Central Perk: Friends — New York | 14 Iconic TV Show Restaurants You Can Eat At In Real Life