The depression stage of grief is deep, raw, and might last longer than most people think it will. Turn to this infographic from a cremation center in St. Louis to learn more about the different stages of grief after loss.

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Who Would You Tell? Free coloring page to talk about body safety with kids and creating a circle of trusted adults that a child could talk to, if they ever need help.

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kindergarten lesson about sexual abuse

Kindergarten Lessons for Sexual Abuse Prevention

Goal setting pack (sports themed) with different writing ideas. Perfect for Back to School

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Every child needs to grow up money-smart. This site help guide parents and educators on what age groups should know at their age.

Money as You Grow

Describing!! Adventures in Speech Pathology

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Forms every counselor needs! Individual case notes, small group notes, counseling referral form, behavior/office referral form, and behavior reflection forms.

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School Psychology | Resources for Parents, Teachers, and Psychologists - repinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

School Psychology

"Social Scenarios: Being Polite at School" provides teachers a versatile tool for delivering instruction about how to be polite and can be used with a wide a range of students, including those on the autism spectrum. Games and activities can be delivered to students in whole group, small group or individual settings and are ideal for social skills groups. The scenarios presented on these activity cards make great discussion starters or writing prompts. $

Social Scenarios: Being Polite at School

Psychotherapy worksheets of all kinds--depression, anxiety, anger management, stress reduction, self-esteem, groups, individuals, couples, adults, teens, children, CBT, DBT, ACT, PTSD, OCD, BPD...and more.

The Confidence Gap

28 page packet to teach conflict resolution skills! $

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Therapy Worksheets--VERY USEFUL handouts

Where Do I Feel?


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Selfishness Defined | Courage To Bloom

Selfishness Defined


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Free printable. Printing these and doing it today. In fact, giving it to my students & friends as well. We all need to be going towards our dreams.

Jessica Swift - Treasure Chest Downloads

12 Sites Where I Get FREE Therapy Materials! - Playing With Words 365

12 Sites Where I Get FREE Therapy Materials!

Etiquette Courses/Lesson Book - Children Manners Activities - The Etiquette Factory

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Feelings reflection sheet

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Scholastic Minibook: Feelings Introduce child to writing using the _ad word family with this printable minibook School psychology resource

Minibook: Feelings

blank faces template (free printable) LOVE this!!

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What Can I Do? problem solving wheel to empower your students!

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How do you get through tough times? from the book "344 Questions: The Creative Person’s Do-It-Yourself Guide to Insight, Survival, and Artistic Fulfillment"

Illustrated Flowcharts to Find Answers to Life’s Big Questions

Free Goal Worksheet

Planning Out My Goals

“My Calm Tools Keychain: A Teaching Tool and Visual Prompt” can be used to teach, practice and eventually prompt the younger, more behaviorally challenged student to use positive replacement behaviors as an alternative to acting out. 2.00

My Calm Tools Keychain: A Teaching Tool and Visual Prompt