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17 Lazy Girl Cleaning Hacks That Will Forever Change You

'The fats and oils in soaps create problems with soap scum,' Lynn Marie Bower tells Housekeeping Channel. But since body wash is technically a detergent, it's specifically formulated to prevent gross crud from caking up in the shower.


Why didn't I ever think to blend soap and water through a blender to clean it? 17 Lazy Girl Cleaning Hacks That Will Forever Change You . Some of these are really good to know! Cleaning tips, cleaning schedule, green cleaning

How to win at life.

How to win at life - tips for how to get up early, start the day, work fast, think faster, and have a simple life as an entrepreneur (or anybody).

how to help a child blog

How to help a child who is frustrated with learning to read, with math or spelling or any subject. Homeschooling resources for parents from Creekside Learning.

68 Totally Free Date Ideas You’ll Actually Want To Try -youtube videos to teach skills you don't know; fancy cooking  -sweepstakes night - enter as many as you can find  -babysit/petsit  -create your own holiday  -play vacations

68 Totally Free Date Ideas! We LOVE creative and unique dates because it makes us feel like we are making memories that will last. Pick one of these fun dates for you and your spouse and surprise them with it this week!

Prayer for healing a broken relationship

There's power in God's word - The God of the prisoners - The God of the prisoners - 2017 the year of liberation - God never fail - Never loose hope - Manifestation of God's power - Ezekiel 37 thus saith the lord God unto these bones; Behold, i with

Eat Drink  Be Mary: 28 Verses to Pray for Your Relationship

28 Verses to Pray for you Relationship. Verses on loving, commitment, forgiveness, anger and more. This pin references how relationships that are leading to marriage can use that same spiritual center as the foundation of thiet relationship.