DIY drawstring pants!!

I wanna make some of these… DIY drawstring pants! I love the thick waistband! I wanna make some of these… DIY drawstring pants! I love the…

Pillow case romper

Made these for livi when ahe was little out of my great grandmothers pillow cases. Easy and cute! How to make a romper out of a pillow case! I just love this idea!

adorable headband ideas

cute baby head bands - Kristen, I loved headbands as a kid. Katie always took them off the minute Mom's hands were off her head. Wanna know if you'll have a girly girl? She'll either respond like me or K

handprint serving plates...good gift for the grandparents

your babies footprints with Carter's handprints! Grandparent gift - handprint wreaths but on a plate!

how to recover glider cushions. ahem! :0)

Ashley from Lil Blue Boo gives a nursery rocker a style update by recovering the cushions. Lovin’ the new zebra print! [photo from Lil Blue Boo] [tags]sewing, tutorial, reco…

Long Sleeved Tee into Ruffled Dress

Long Sleeved Tee into Ruffled Dress, I did this to a shirt last yr. combining a dress and tee shirt love it.

For jeans that are too short...I have a feeling we'll have this problem every few months.

Need this for my daughter her pants that fit n waste r always too short!For a little girl's jeans that are too short.

Pair this up with a sweet little tutu!

Ribbon Turkey Shirt Idea - No embroidery :( I wanted the girls to have one to wear and I didn't have any stabilizing fabric for the name embroidery. Also, didn't use as many ribbons. I was afraid the shirt would be too heavy/clumpy.

How to applique a T-shirt

How to applique a T-shirt, I use an Elmer's glue stick instead of Heat-N-Bond, works great! Also change sewing needle to blue when sewing knit fabrics! - thought we better find out what an Elmer glue stick is sis!


Do you need an Adoption Gift or Baby Shower Gift that will be treasured for years to come? This adorable decorative tile will be proudly