Sidecare | Hennessy

The Sidecar was created in 1920 at the Ritz Hotel bar in Paris. It has become the single most iconic Cognac cocktail of the world. It is both strong and light, refreshing and bright.

Hennessy V.S Bramble | Hennessy

Invented in 1984 by Dick Bradsell in London. Traditionally made with gin, here we create a version with Hennessy V.S for the perfect summer refresher with strong bright flavors.

Cherry Blossom Sour | Hennessy |

Unlike the cherry blossom festival, you can experience this cocktail all year round. The intriguing exotic notes of yuzu dance on the palate, supported by bright cherry and citrus this cocktail is light yet has a lingering depth of flavor.

Brazil Heavy Spice | Hennessy |

Combining flavors from Brazil past and present to represent all that is beautiful and intriguing about this beguiling country.

Hennessy Sweet Tea | Hennessy |

Sweet Tea is a Southern favorite, tailor-made for hot summer days when the only relief is a tall, iced drink. In this recipe, we add Hennessy V.

Hennessy Caipirinha | Hennessy |

This take on the legendary Brazilian drink, the Caipirinha, will make your hips sway to a breezy bossa nova. Traditionally made with Cachaca, this recipe uses Hennessy V.S to spice up a jazzy classic.

Tea Ceremony | Hennessy

A spoonful of honey helps the medicine go down, the light honey essences of Hennessy Black help bring life to this cocktail that will leave you healed of all that ails you.

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