P!NK Peacock                                                                                                             ✮∙ẗℍ!йḲᖮℕ∙¶!ℼḰ∙✮

Pink Peacocks long natural feathers wide tail only x Also see: birds feathers boas peacocks wing.

blush ivory and gray flowers

Blush, Ivory and Grey Wedding Theme

BOUQUET OPTION 2 - Lavender rose instead of blush. Blush bouquets of roses, carnations and rice flower

Valentino Spring 2014

Valentino Spring 2014 RTW - Details - Fashion Week - Runway, Fashion Shows and Collections - Vogue


The Golden Stare: Portrait of a Longsnout Seahorse (Hippocampus ramulosus)


Twigs + Sand is a sketchbook of all things that inspire me or just make me happy. I have collected so many pictures that I love, I thought this would be a perfect home to keep them all.

When you're dressed impeccably you can even pull this mode of transportation off and still look manly because people notice the confidence.  #moderngentleman

Vespa - Marie Celeste may let me borrow hers. I only promised my children I would not ride a motorcycle until they were older, don't think a Vespa counts.