Empty nesting is quiet, watching them hurt without the possibility to make it better is heartbreaking, seeing them successful will make your heart burst with pride, witnessing failure is devastating. More

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Life is what you make it and I like my life full of variety. Within these pages you will find a combination of erotica, fashion and photography that capture my creative vision. I hope you enjoy a glimpse into my world. This is NSFW and viewers must be

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Sometimes you do not need a photo, but just to trust what they are telling you. You want it to be true, and even if you don't see where "your heart is", you want to know.

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Self-adhesive Vinyl Wall Lettering Available in 3 sizes listed in SIZE drop down menu Family Recipe 3 cups forgiveness 1 gallon friendship pinch of hope spoonful of laughter endless LOVE CHOOSE YOUR C More

But we dont need pictures to prove anything.😘we have a relationship that not even "sisters" would understand or get it 💯 I love my sister's❤😜

Sister Plaque - The only thing better than having you as my Sister is my children having you as their Aunt. Solid Wood Plaque sign picture

Glad to have my sister as my kids aunt. It's ok if I'm only a aunt to my niece and nephew. It's ok if someone else calls someone else a aunt but not me it's ok I got my real blood niece and nephew

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These words are truer than true, I want always to be this to my children because it's exactly how I feel about my children..... I am their friend, their best friend & their forever friend!!!!! They're precious gifts from God to my "mother" heart.....

Despite the madness we are guided and guarded by the Heavenly Host. Nothing bad will ever touch you. The safest place when all this goes down is in my arms. I can promise you that