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Sophie, a Bernese mountain dog from Cornelius, North Carolina--our Sophie made the Top 50 Good Dog Photos in Garden and Gun!

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A man's best friend. I have never owned a pet in my life. But the first thing I'll do once I own my first house will be to get a dog. But not just any dog: A Bernese Mountain Dog. I absolute love this dog. They are cuddly, easy to train, and can withstand the brutally cold winters! Plus, they love being around lakes and going fishing. What more can you ask for?

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Bernese Mountain Dog...best breed in the world.

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Quincy - Bernese Mountain Dog by North of 49, via Flickr: Animals, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Pet, Puppys, Burmese Mountain Dogs, Baby, Friend

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Bernese Mountain Dogs- Alpine Breed is Ideal for Families! --definitely in my top 5 of possible future dogs :)

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bernese mountain dog | How to care for a Bernese mountain dog : The Dogs Breeds

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