As an entrepreneur, there are ups and downs. However, the way you handle those issues mentally, will allow you to balance your journey and continue to be strong throughout it all.

Small Ways To Improve Your Life

Small Ways To Improve Your Life- The last one caught my eye. "Sleep pants-less", I've done it since I was little!

Manual Driving Made Easy Servicing Mount (Mt) Waverley and surrounding Suburbs of Melbourne, Australia

51 Positive & Motivational Quotes By @TheClassyPeople

Successful-Life Quotes Don't be a queen waiting for a king. Be a queen busy with her kingdom until her King arrives.


10 Thing You Must Give Up to Move Forward by Stephen Covey. This is exactly the mindset I need for the new year

Finally able to do these things. Mentally strong. So grateful. So proud. Finally!

This infographic reveals 18 things that mentally strong people (high achievers) do that low achievers don’t. I am mentally strong.

Brilliant options, and none of them drugged or drunken.

Instead of succumbing to unhealthy stress relief methods, I have compiled a list of different ways we can positively deal with stress.

"Repeat after me: My current situation Is not my permanent destination "

My current situation Is not my permanent destination. I just wish, I want to be happy and I really want to stop overthinking. Depression is so exhausting, I'm so tired of my life.

Who is your master…anger?

They are TRYING to get you worked up. Peace of soul is gained through self-control or self-mastery. You must harness your desires, commanding them instead of allowing them to rule.

20 Motivational Quotes for Success: Words to live by!

20 Motivational Quotes for Success

Embrace the change but still love yourself during the process! #bodypositive

PiYo, with Chalene Johnson, combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga.