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Make way for baby.

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Make way for baby.

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THIS! -----> Why Seeding Baby's Microbiome needs to be on every mums birth plan: The latest scientific research is now starting to indicate that if the baby is not properly seeded with the mother's own bacteria at birth, then the baby's microbiome, in the words of Rodney R Dietert, Professor of Immunotoxicology at Cornell Univers...

Top 10 Pregnancy Procedures to Reject - Consumer Reports

Top 10 Pregnancy Procedures to Reject - Consumer Reports

Looks goofy but it works. How to Stretch Your Lower Back and Hips. Best for people with crazy sciatic nerve pain.

Benefits of red raspberry leaf tea

Teach me.

7 proven ways to naturally induce labor | the Humbled Homemaker

Get ready for baby with a cute and funny customized chart that compares their size to seeds, fruits and veggies.

car seat requirements

Side-lying Release - Spinning Babies

Preparing for Childbirth: 10 Scriptures of Comfort & Encouragement - Growing in His Glory

  • Geoya Stout
    Geoya Stout

    Love this...what I loved was Glenn made a playlist of all great Christian worship songs and played it all through my totally helped me...just have hubby take an iPod and dock to the hospital! So amazing...even the nurses sang along!

  • Amanda Fles
    Amanda Fles

    Aww-sweet! I'd be afraid I could never listen to them again...we watched Hitch during my labor with Noah and I have no interest in ever watching it again!

  • Geoya Stout
    Geoya Stout

    HAH...I don't even remember what song was most inspirational...but there was one that really helped! Yeah...brings back the memories of the pain?

Natural Birth In Kitsap: OFP, part 4 - Putting Optimal Fetal Positioning into Practice

NEW! Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag Boxy Backpack Chenille Persimmon Spice. Found at Layla Grayce.

How to Name a Baby - Fantastic research!

Healthy guts » SQUATTING, The Key For A Smooth-Easier Pregnancy And Delivery

What Should I Pack in My Hospital Bag? - The Birthing Site

Hospital checklist: What to pack for labor & delivery | Lolly Jane

The Techniques | spinning babies

Santiago Sunset Glazed Sashay Satchel Sashay Satchel

Storksak 'Olivia' Nylon Baby Bag | Nordstrom

baby shower head. So much playtime without constantly running water! - website has neat things for kids.

Try using baby play gates instead of baby equipment (exersaucers, jumpers, Bumbo seats) to "contain" your baby while you get work done around the house.