Dressage ~ Stunning performance!! <3  The horse said HEY....I don't remember the hat being part of the routine.

A performance for the ages. Fuego XII Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz I heart Fuego XII.

Watch Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro Break Their Own World Record (Again) | Eventing Nation - Three-Day Eventing News, Results, Videos, and Commentary

Charlotte Dujardin's World Record Breaking Freestyle test at London Olympia on Valegro. To music from How to Train Your Dragon!

▶THANKS SARAH!!!...................   BEST DRESSAGE EVA- Edward Gal and Moorlands Totilas - YouTube amazing

Edward Gal and Moorlands Totilas. Under Edward Gal this brilliant horse was free, relaxed, happy and intelligent. Its all about how a horse is riden and how the horse is allowed to flourish on his own.

Totilas- Born This Way (Lady Gaga)  Dressage horses and riders are so talented.

Totilas- Born This Way (Lady Gaga) Dressage horses and riders are so talented.

Moorlands Totilas Freestyle Dressage World Equestrian Games 2010

Moorlands Totilas is the most amazing horse ever. His passage and piaffe makes every dressage rider wish they were Edward Gal

Andreas Helgstrand and Blue Hors Matine at the 2006 World Equestrian Games in Aachen, Germany - AMAZING performance that placed them 1st after the first round in Induvidual Freestyle Dressage (the pair ended up getting the Silver medal in IF and a bronze medal in Induvidual Special).

By far the coolest dressage performance I have every seen. "Horse Dancing" at it its finest. And if you don't know horses, this stuff is incredibly hard. If your in to horses you must watch this!

ANDREAS HELGSTRAND - WEG2006 Freestyle Final - YouTube

Dressage music video on the music We Will Rock You - Queen Clips & music do not belong to me.

ANKY VAN GRUNSVEN - WEG2006 Freestyle Final - YouTube

Anky van Grunsven and Keltic Salinero WEG 2006 Freestyle Final

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