55+ of the BEST Halloween Crafts

55 AMAZING Halloween crafts at -so many great ideas! Adams we better start getting ready!

Brown Sugar Pound Cakes with Bailey's Irish Cream Frosting recipe is one of a few very interesting cupcakes ideas that you should consider for upcoming

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A cute and easy Halloween DIY decor idea - all you need is mini pumpkins and some black construction paper

DIY Halloween Lanterns made from plastic cups, Black marker and LED tealights! SO EASY the kids could make it themselves!

Halloween Idea: Cute banana ghosts and Clementine pumpkins. Use allergy-friendly chocolate chips for the ghost faces! Use a celery stick to make the pumpkin stems. Great healthy snack idea & can be made safe for most allergies.

Halloween candy in jars with names like.Pumpkin teeth (candy corn) etc A fundraiser /safe place to go trick or treating. proceeds go a local Homeless shelter where some children that are unable to trick or treating safely.

Halloween party this year? Well we've got the best "ice bucket". This DIY pumpkin ice bowl is so cute and perfect for the spooky Holiday.

13 Creative Halloween DIY Crafts