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Things I Need

Things I Need

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Tiffany Blue & Titanium Pearl Glock 17. It's monogrammed! i think i need this

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i gotta get me one of these!!!

I'm always hurt- this looks awesome! Whoa - "Send us the digital file of your x-ray, and we’ll send you back your break in print, ready to be applied directly to your cast."

Quirky Ribbon Baking Pan can be molded into any shape, magnets that make it stick to the baking sheet!

Hair brush with storage!

I must have this!

this is fantastic... Nails In Motion Tip Tops- they protect your wet nails from getting smudged. I need these in my life

chalkboard mugs!

Bubblewand curling iron by Verge for a beachy wave. On my Christmas wish list.

Just in case you didn't know this exists at Walmart for less than $4 per roll. I'm about to glitter everything! Votives, notebooks (already got my iPhone charger.) No more Modge Podge and glitter nightmares!

Got To Have This Gold Glitter Monogrammed Key Chain. www.dechicboutiqu...

Love this ring. Can't walk around with a crown on my head might as well wear one on my finger. Ha! Linda Bruinenberg Bruinenberg Reiser-Nichols Jewelers

Use this amazing invention to write love notes in your morning toast.

Mind Blowing Facts

Backless Bra! I need this!


Disney lessons learned iPhone case


Diet Coke + Mentos = One Amazing Prank if only my best friend drank diet coke

Hint hint! STOCKING STUFFER! $10! this would be perfect to have in your purse, for whenever you cant find an outlet and your phone is about to die, like shopping, etc. I need this!!! Good stocking stuffer!!

I want these!!!

Tiffany Blue Sperry's. want!

instagram camera that prints photos like a polaroid...woah.